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Funny Articles:
Top Ten Vagina For A Day 
Top Ten Penis For A Day 
Windows Messages 
Top Ten Pope's Album 
Top Ten Darth Vader 
Learned From A Cow 
First Graders 
Top Ten Video Games 
Horse's View The World 
Male Wisdom 
Top Ten Real Estate Agent 
Aging Women 
Corporate Reality 
Funny Newspaper Ads 
Perks Of Old Age 
Dressing Room 
Top Ten Fly Is Unzipped 
Unit Conversion 
Internet Axioms 
Smart Sayings 
Olympic Bid 
Top Ten Never In Church 
Children's Bible 
Top Ten Federation 
April Fool's Enterprise 
Rejected Slogans Starfleet 
Parent Definitions
Pizza Order Fun
Real Man Test
The Word Fuck
Top Ten Girlfriend's Parents
Top Ten Annoying Usher
Top Ten Cyber Affair
Top Ten April Fool's Jokes
Thoughts On Aging
Top Ten Too Much Of 90's
Top Ten Studying
Old Age Alphabet
Top Ten Redneck HMO
Top Ten Work Naked
Nerdy T-shirts
Drunken Language
Field Guide to Being a Guy
Marriage Quotes
Gifts For Man
History Tests
Martha Stewart To Do
Changes At The North Pole
Top Ten Bad Pirate Movie
Special High Intensity Training
Top Ten Grammy Awards
How They Have Sex
Pleasing IT
Rules For Men
Rules For Women
Internet Withdrawal
Secret Cat Diary
Him and Her
Hotel Translations
If You're Non-religious
Internet Addict
Job Wording
Classroom Dialogue
Twin Cities People
Living In A Flood
Gay Self Examination
Using The Atm
Calling The Jackass
Love Poems
Gender Designation
Church Bloopers
Computers In Movies
Men Bashing Jokes
Seminars For Women
Top Ten Homer
Mental Health Hotline
Top Ten Paris Hilton
Quotes About Beer
Only A Mom Can Teach
Top Ten Baseball Player
New Business Terms
University Application
The Resignation Letter
Starship Captain
Man Enough
New Virus Alert
Hail Cell Phones
Cybersex Transcript
System Failures
Job Application
Expanded Vocabulary
Things Men Say
Cats And Dogs
New Words
Women's Needs
Top Ten Fidel Castro
Colonoscopy Remarks
Top Ten Taco Bell
Better Being Female
Top Ten American Idol
Fitness Thoughts
Top Ten Huddle
Pussy Types
Alcohol Warning Labels
Can You Read This
Trailer Trash
Women's Vocabulary
Bizarre Sex Laws
Real Friends
Holiday Feasting Tips
Deja Vu Variants
Nerd Test
Academic Ranks Explained
Womans Instruction Book
Renaming Christmas Carols
Cartoon Laws
Procrastinator's Creed
Top 10 Checkout Lines
Top 10 Lifeguard
Dark Suckers
Top 10 Neighbor
Dilbert's Laws Of Work
Types Of Girlfriends
Smurf Sex
Contracting Definitions
Top 20 Star Trek
Horror Movie Survival Guide
A Week Of A Smoker
Fun Things For Professors
Beer Better Than Woman
Falwell Targets
Dumb People
You're An Engineer If
Rearrange The Letters
Bad Mafia Movie
Dumb Guys To Vote For You
Today In History
Smart Ass Answers
Your Car Sucks
Top Ten Headlines
Breast Exam Poem
The Smelly Power Book
Cyber Relationship
Golfing Quotes
Useful Work Tips
Ass Cons
Work Versus Prison
Upcoming Mergers
Your Co-worker Is A Hacker
90's Office Lingo
Beer Warning Labels
Serenity Prayer
5 Stages Of Drunkenness
What Your Drink Says
Dilbert Like Quotes
Management Quotes
Letter To The IRS
Technology For Country Folk
Beer Troubleshooting
Corporate Travel Policy
Top Ten Fun Things To Hide
Attempts At Sex
Graffiti Wisdom
Battle Of The Sexes
Reasons To Stay At Work
Clearly Defined
South African Windows 98
Home On The Web
Office Antics
Corporate Structure
How's Your Job
Bad Day When
Helpdesk Log
Your Horoscope
Federal Employees
Appraisal Sheet
Job Descriptions
Reasons To Be A Guy
She Was Only A...
Actual Doctor's Notes
Improving English Language
Murphy's Sex Laws
Phrase Translations
Funny Quips
Amazing Anagrams
Travel Agent Stories
Barbies Never Seen
World's Smallest Books
Not A Hallmark
Funny Signs
Fun In The Mall
Seniors Sex Guide
Help Line Loser
Men Are Happier
Inanimate Gender
Idiots Everywhere
The Perfect Day
New Theories
Rules For Writers
Fathers Of Today
Into The Future
Really Annoy People
George Carlin Quotes
Freak Out Your Roommate
Public Bathroom Stall-mate
Stupid Questions
Unavoidable Laws
Teen Commandments
George Costanza's Tips
Murphys Laws Of Computing
Seminars For Men
Bad Date Excuses
Golf Caddy Comments
Airline Humor
Landlord Letters
Top 10 Viagra Slogans
Memo To All Students
Computer Business
Glossary Of Medical Terms
Sex Definitions
Period Euphemisms
Things To Say At Work
English Well Talking
Bachelor's Food
Lemon Car Signs
Things To Do At Wal-mart
The Poopie List
Childrens Books
Impotence Slang
Impress Me
Marriage Secrets
Alcohol Warnings
Bedroom Golf
Funny Puns
Night Before Christmas
Barbie's Letter To Santa
Fruitcake Recipe
Dear Santa
Courtroom Dialogue
Restaurant Efficiency
Non Stress Diet
Good Girl Bad Girl
Sexy Thanksgiving Story
Thanksgiving Better Than Sex
Dirty Thanksgiving
Cantonese Menu
Changing Oil
Successful Party Test
Professionals Test
Too Much Tennis
Neanderthal Test
Too Far North
If You Love Jesus
Because I'm A Guy
Achieving More
Love, Lust or Marriage
New Elements
Toy Store Fired
Signs Of Insanity
Great Witticisms
How They Have Sex
Makes You Go Hmmm
Slang Definitions
Great Porno Names
One Liners
Bush Bumpers
Picking Your Nose
Rude Song Lyrics
Small Towns
Fertilizer Club
Self Evaluation
Guy Names
Why Aren't You Married?
Husband Program
Man Perks
The Labor Day Holiday
Hospital Message
Awful Limericks
Taking A Dump
Women Timeline
Practice Safe Fax
Product Wording
Hear About The...
Learning From Kids
Simplified Dump
Skiing Exercises
Technology Addict
Gentlemen Quiz
Bra Sizes
Rules For Flight
Acme Companies
Car Acronyms
State Mottos
Pubic Hair Fun
Olympic Bid
Riding A Dead Horse
Gender Poetry
Helpdesk Rules
Annoy The Office
Southern Terms
Puppy Photos
The Tooth Fairy
Burning Calories
His and Her Diary
Autopsy Details
Male Wedding Plans
Investment Terms
Real Or Not
Cynic's Guide To Life
Airbag Contest
You're A Teacher If
Rules Of Combat
Helleluja For Teenagers
Road To Enlightenment
Arkansas Etiquette
Legendary Proverbs
Not In Guinness
Number Of The Beast
Drinking Games
My Stupid Ex
Star Wars Pants
Police Quotes
Crossbred Dogs
Signs You're Broke
Accounting Memo
Impotence Sayings
Workplace Fun
Don't Say To a Cop
A Little Incident
Future Of Microsoft
Attorney Hunting
Super Model Wisdom
The Raise
New Tax Laws
Learn From Children
Horror Movie Survival
Really Bored
Safe Sex
Rejected Cereals
Ain't Young When
Year Book Secrets
New Jersey Pride
Kitchen Signs
About Women
Roommate Sex
Proper Disk Care
Signs Of Maturity
You're In Trouble
Prison Or Work
Morons Of The Year
Employee Handbook
Meeting Bingo
Fuzzy Language
Old Age Benefits
Farting People
Colon Comments
Only In America
What Is Hell
Reasons To Be Single
He Said, She Said
Home Remedies
Hamlet - Modern English
Inside A Cats Mind
Mother Taught Me
Dan Quayle Quotes
Hangover Ratings
Technical Support Request
House Keeping Tips
Inspirational Posters
Ways To Confuse Santa Claus
Christmas Physics
Christmas Survival Quiz
Big Doggie
Leaving College
Not Married
Best Country Songs
Library Fun
Best Left Unsaid
Porno We Believe
Politically Correct
How Cold Is It?
Redneck Test
Fast Food Fun
If They Made Toasters
His And Hers Atms
9 Types Of Girlfriend
Version Numbers
Top Teen Lists
Pet Truths
Metamorpha Dildo
Questions Men Fear
Learn From Dogs
ABC Of Ex-girlfriends
Diary Of An AOL User
Los Alamos Secured
Signs He Loves You
Ways To Say Masturbation
Inside A Dog's Mind
Operating Systems Ran Airlines
Rules Of Dating For College
Cat Miracle Diet
Help Desk Callers
Men's Dress Guide
Retirement Time
Good Comebacks
Blind Date Ditch
Airplane Fun
Gangsta Test
Alcohol At Work
Learn From Movies
Gamblers Revenge
Bicycles Or Women
Kid In The Dark
Tonight On Tv
Taking A Shower
Blowjob Etiquette
Ads Gone Wrong
Redneck Sex Test
Star Wars Fanatics
Hotel Slogans
Perfect Woman
Strange Facts
A Dog Named Sex
Cheap Medical Plan
Cybersex Chat
Mouse Balls
Rules Of Bedroom Golf
Failing In Bed
Bumper Stickers
The Shit List
Fun While Driving
Stressful Days
Sarcastic Remarks
God and University
Snow Shovel Diary
Addicted To Coffee
Reading The Signs
Age Bell Curve
Types Of Breasts
Evaluation Comments
Consulting Prostitute
Perfect Couple
Dating My Daughter
Important Emails
Dictionary Of Dating
Now and Then
Driving School Exam
Blonde Cooking
80s Child
Stages Of Life
First Mammogram
Great To Be A Guy
Marriage Is
Microsoft Cars
Beer v Pussy
Biggest Lies
Cat Translations
Farting Guide
Funny Instructions
Funny Names
Funny Shirt Phrases
Girlfriend Report

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Kiss The Cabbie 
Wal-mart Special 
Duck Hunting 
What You Get For 25 
Sexual Assault 
Dinner Etiquette 
Scottish Kilt 
Ladies Room 
Bad Math 
Skinny Dippers 
Smart Boy
The Contestant
Mr Jeeves
Got Balls
Jet Fuel
Street Mime
Pilot Checklist
Nothing Happened
Rabbi Playing Golf
The Angel Atop Tradition
Making A Connection
Chase Manhattan Bank
Fishing Trip
Not In Use
Divorced From Reality
Preacher's Story
Sexual Language Used
Genesis Of Humor
Fly The Friendly Skies
Future Career
Froggie The Frog
Fbi And Pizza
New Priest
Church Poking
City Folk
Aliens In Detroit
Statue Of Infidelity
Poke Me
Forgetful Actor
The Chastity Belt
Elderly Proposal
Two Men From Scotland
Don't Make A Nurse Angry
Funeral Plans
Firming Up
Viagra Strikes Again
Redneck Divorce
How To Cure A Headache
A Mime In The Zoo
Post Office Interview
Get The Manager
Thinking On Your Feet
First Isn't Always Best
American Management
Beer President's Have A Beer
Dressing For An Audit
Executive Envelopes
Late Drinking Can Be Dangerous
The Crowded Store
Holiday In Pakistan
Animal Thoughts
Redneck Coroner
Engineers And Managers
A Kind Lawyer
Wild Hair
Which Way To Heaven
Sick Man
How The Rich Get Richer
You Need A Gimmick
Selling Life Insurance
If The Walls Had Ears
Sunbathing With A Bird
I Am Sperm
The Washcloth
The Other Milk
Guardian Angel
Price Check On Tampax
Do You Know Me?
Doctor Visit
Gift Certificate
Honeymoon Jitters
Umba Momba
Don't Mess With The Maid
Tickle Me Elmo
The Pesticide Condom
Too Much Viagra
Henry Ford Goes To Heaven
Watch Your First Step
Dangerous Wishes
Planning For The After-Life
The Thought Process
Blind Inspector
Dead Donkey
Preachers Ass
Bet With Caution
Blonde Bank Robbers
Baked Beans
Never Hire a Man
Peace On You
The Young Priest
Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson
Grandma Buys a Bumper Sticker
51 Days
Rednecks Visit A Whorehouse
Testimony Of A Police Officer
Witness Interviews Gone Bad
First Day At School
The Russian Genie
Redneck Birth Control
Cuckoo Clock
Know When To Quit
Lecture On Supernatural
Name That Duck
Baby Pictures
Robot Secretary
Truck Trouble
Buying A Bull
If The Rabbi Stays
Sign From God
Materialistic Lawyers
Arabian Restaurant
The Hit Man
Going The Dishes
Legless Parrot
Born With Bullets
Midget Wife
Dinner Party
Johnny Gets A Job
Dirty Ticket
Immaculate Conception
Santa and A Little Boy
Speak Nicely To Santa Claus
Christmas Prayers
Rudolf The Weatherman
Your Lawyer Is Dead
The Farm Boy
The Redneck Animal Park
Hot Blonde Driver
Never Lie To Your Mother
Angry Passenger
Clinton's Clock
An Ocean Of Beer
Farting Your Guts Out
Football Playing Turkey
Proctologist At The Bank
The Automated Doctor
Sister's Of Mercy
Shirt Pocket
Half Brothers
Buffalo Come
Hell Of A Headache
Bags Under Eyes
Married Buddies
Halloween Jokes
Wanting A Divorce
Free Holiday
Big Lorenzo
Evils Of Liqour
Rat a tat tat
Painful Remembrance
Barber Shop
1st Day Cab Driver
Vaseline Biker
Heroic Statues
Road Hazard
The Pay Check
Bad Kids
Magic Mirror
Bar Problems
Insanity Loose
Top Worker
The Acid Test
Hard Work
Under Attack
Poor Doggy
Sister Logical
The Good Luck Sign
Bad News First
Potato Pickup
Middle Age Comeback
Alligator Woes
Old Innocent Lady
Good Bang For Your Bux
The Old Fools
Fly Swatting
It's All Dynamite
The Cop Test
The 3 Convicts
Rich Widow
Nobody Here
Surgeon Talk
Ultrasonic Watch
Protective Father
No More Room
Old Man Needs Seat
Grandpa's Not Daft
Johnny Strikes Back
Please Standup
Made In Heaven
Indian Tribes
Be Nice To Nurses
Bad Kiddie
Somethings Astray
Proxy Father
Shopping For Rugs
Wanted Man
Wise Copper
Genius Of Nasa
Just A Sec
Bankers Balls
Stairway To Enlightenment
Lawyer Love?
Going Hiking
How Far Can You Swim?
Call Home
Fart Footie
In Da Mall
A Stake In The Future
Queen And The Pope
Doctor's News
Bodily Disfunctions
Solitary Confinement
Blonde Needs Cash
Smooth Operator
Insane Gorilla
Great Suprise
T In The Park
An Uneventful Ride
Genie Genie
Amazing Elevator
Seville Soreness
Aol Blonde
The Killer
Adam and Eve
Psycho Ward
Lee and Ben
Don't Laugh Doc
The 4 Fathers
Clowning About
It Pays To Proofread
Bar Hunk
Down Below
The Ostrich
Help Wanted
Russian Roulette
1 Hour Pleasure
Lucky Escape
The Divorce
Mom's Sponge
Smart Alec
Playing For Cash
Mother In Law Problem
One Apple Only
Search For A Man
Insulting The Officer
The Eager Photographer
My 7 Year Old Son
Packing For Vacation
Actual Radio Conversation
Golden Oldy
The Final Exam
One Of Those Days
Alabama Hunters
Scots Shock
Sarcastic Burglar
Sports Fishing
Too Damn Ugly
The Rat Statue
Parachute Jump
Condom Buyers
Stow Away
Panda In A Bar
The Nasa Mission
Genie's Choice
Shoot Off A Valentine
Dog Duty
Centipede Woe
Balls Away
Only 6 Months
Puzzled Blonde
French Passport
Donkey Choices
Barbie Costs What?
Who Gets The Job?
Walmart Bait
The Saviour
Toughest Shot
Car Cravings
A Once Great Actor
Love Stamps
After The Proposal
Johnny The Fireman
The Numpty
Lucky Frog
The Dot
Dirty Lettering
Strangers On A Plane
Dear Daddy
Bad Day On The Course
Dear Santa
Dog and The Leopard
Shy Guy
Bailing Out
Dont Push It
Magic Pool
Half A Head Of Lettuce
80 Year Old Couple
Cadillac Deville
The Voodoo Penis
The School Report
Trust Mom
Wife Knows Best
The Wish
Driven To Despair
Little Johnny
Raking Motion
Redneck Hunters
A Dinner Conversation
The Vegas Hooker

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