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Cutie slaves tied up in pain

Lena is looking sexy dressed in red but before long she is yelping in pain

Beautiful blonde with round tits tied to bed and dildoed

Madison endures delicious pain of clothespins and the relentless flogger

A blonde in braids is surrounded by unusual toys

Serene in her bondage

Ms Bridgett turns Cherry red with pain

Bound and gagged MILF gets her face coated with cum

Sexy Cherry is dressed very sexy and forced into pleasurable pain

Kaitlynn stuggles to relieve the pain of being paddled so hard

Young honey-blonde in leather and restraints

Young newbie learns the ropes...literally!

A cane is only one of the instruments of pain applied to the butt of a you...

Sometimes its fun to place a bell in my slaves mouth during her tit tortur...

Brunette MILF captive seems pleased to be subjugated

Classy bitch wears leather hood

I save my breast bondage torture device for my most disobedient slaves.

Check out the latest from Master Costello, Painshooting! Featuring the hot...

Svelte, trim, masked sub submits to abuse

Big-busted mama is thrilled to be in captivity

A bland-faced, auburn-haired girl is detained in a dungeon

Vinyl-clad auburn beauty in dungeon

Hat and Sexy Evie loves the pain

Great closeup shot of her chained pussy

Bondage bliss for submissive blonde

Blonde cheerleader is captive of athlete

She's tied and ready

Babydoll is a slut for pain

Busty Ethnic mamas get their boobs abused

Long-haired auburn submissive is shown the ropes

When I catch my slaves in a threesome I bring them down to my dungeon for...

Brunette sub smiles when chained

The lusty blonde librarian is bound among her books

Master Len uses a candle to torture and tease his very disobedient slave.

Shaye has been naughty...but she'll take her punishment like the big girl...

Madison endures further torture until Bridgett\'s mercy

She's young, she's sweet, she's submissive

Scared-looking black gal is plastic-wrapped

Frazier ties up a submissive and inflicts pain and torture on her.

Chained and hooded down in the dungeon...what awaits her?

Madison suffers sexy torture at the hands of Bridgett

Madison Goode screams in pain in the dungeon

Black gal in gorgeous lace is intricately bound

Biracial beauty can't escape her fate

I love to torture this hot slaves tits and bind her entire face and body i...

Girl geek is clipped and whipped

A bespectacled brunette has her tits and mouth abused by her captor

Big-titted brunette chubette in bondage

Eris is a total hottie - and a real submissive pain-slut exposed to spanki...

Seriously painful nipple torture inflicted in a variety of ways

Young Teen in Rope Bondage

Cruel Dom torments masked blonde with clothespins, cane, paddle, and more!

Collared, gagged, and clamped

Whatever her Master commands....

A young light-skinned black girl is chained in a dungeon and enjoys it

Fearful captive redhead faces unknown pain

Indeed the reddened, inflamed buns tell the tale in this vid involving two...

I just love binding my slave in rope and watching her squirm in pain.

Hot redhead is tied and hooded

Brunette coed gets surprised in bed and is tied

In jeopardy upside-down in a brick-walled dungeon

Thin young thing is blissful in suspension

Slender honey-blonde endures bondage torment

Bound black chick is helpless

Cruel master brutally tortures blonde

How will she survive this torture?

When I am feeling frisky I drag one of my slaves to my dungeon of pain and...

This blonde's all tied up and totally vulnerable

She's got wax dripped all over her--hot and colorful

Watching my bound slave twist and turn in pain really turns me on.

When my slave is extra naughty I place a bag over her head as part of her...

Blonde gets tied up in the backyard

The medical clinic is an outstanding scene for torture

Brunette is intricately hogtied

Tied Up and Terrified

This blonde is bound while lying on a board across two sawhorses, and in t...

Honey-blonde is chained in the kitchen

Young blonde whipped while bound outdoors

When I want to add a bit more spice to the breast bondage sessions I break...

Hogtied Katrina winces in pain and then gets masked and gagged for good me...

She's happy to be helpless

The skinny brunette in the white panties has manacles on her wrists, a bal...

Watch as Master Len uses clothes pins to make his slaves cry out in pain.

Blonde in White corset gets her hands tied and tits milked

Doesn't that rope hurt her cunny where it's digging in so deeply?

Kaitlynn endures exquisite nipple torture

Hot Big Tit slut can't stop her cunt from getting dildoed

Brunette is tied to a chair and helpless

Her haunted eyes will stay with you

She's dressed in a nun's habit, but her intentions are far from saintly!

Mesh-stockinged beauty plays with herself while in chains

I really enjoy incorporating my leather blindfold into my tit torture sess...

Spank me you bad ass freak

This mature couple loves spanking fetish games

Spanked and fucked

Mature bondage and spanking is the way to go

Fishnet stockings, vinyl boots, and chains

Exotic chick in chains

Three cheers for the red, white,

The rope gets the worst of it when her smelly gash is tied up

Bottom Pain slut cums during her caning

She's vinyl-clad, cuffed, collared, and ball-gagged

Young black beauty is bound and gagged in the great outdoors

I really love placing nipple tassels on my slaves nipples as part of her t...

Lean redhead in bondage

BabyDoll gets torments with hot wax and the fucking machine

A blonde is held captive and experiences implements of torment

The brown-haired girl in the red ties seems to be able to escape her bonds...

She's at the mercy of the tattooed man

Sometimes I like to embrace my inner exhibitionist and practice some tit t...

Cruel bondage of an unhappy-looking young girl

A rehead in a red chains

Showing the ropes to a raunchy rubenesque

"How did a nice girl like me get into a situation like this?"

Master Costello makes his blonde submissive writhe and moan in pleasure an...

A blonde is bound and gagged in leather and blindfolded

Bound blonde seems happy to be helpless

With each of her boobs in a clamp, and visegrips on her nipples, she's rea...

Zoe endures nipple torture and exposure to the horse

Sweet young girl is helpless

Check out the latest from Master Costello, Slave Girl Casting 3! Featuring...

This sweet young thing is tied up and not going anywhere

Sweet young sub is bound and gagged

Girl in white lingerie tied and spunked

Sexy Regina endures dildo torture and painful nipple clamps to please her...

A buxom blonde must deal with a merciless captor

A young dude abuses the tits of a collared young blonde and jizzes her fa...

A blonde is chained and captured

Blonde is tied, tortured, and terrified

Thin, long-haired blonde is bound and gagged in living room

Two girls are stripped naked and tied down for torment

Schwanz-und Eier-Qualen by Carmen Rivera Entertainment features a horny as...

Master Len loves to torture women with massive tits and takes full advanta...

Big tit brunette is tied to the cellar steps

A platinum blonde in bondage

She is thoroughly dominated. How much can she endure?

A bound beauty is roped and ready

A black girl is hooded and bound in a dungeon

Tomented freak is secretly happy someone cared enough to torment her

Tall blonde is tied to a chair

I really love it when welts form on my slaves hot tits as a result of her...

A big-titted honey gets tied and tormented

Moxxie withstands ass-reddening torture only to confront the merciless fuc...

This blonde in bondage is trussed and suspended, tied up and helpless.

I really do like tying up slaves to my breast bondage pain machine.

Ms Bridgett make Cherry feel the pain with caning and whipping and scaldin...

Cutie Shaye is tied and defenseless

The girl with the shaved pussy and the clit ring has a smile on her face i...

Two babes, bound together, share a dildo by mouth and get a faceful of spo...

Kira is bound, gagged, and subjugated

Both Mistress and slave are redheads in this video tht features many forms...

Innocent brunette ties herself up for you

Hooded and helpless down in the dungeon

They're dressed for cloak-and-dagger but her chains and leash show it's pu...

Dressed in leather and ready for a good domination session

Goddess Soma Snakeoil gives you an overview of the various toys that can b...

Luscious Linda is tied to a tree

Watch an exercise in sadism as Mistress Lia shows Her mean streak. Mistres...

Watch this lovely brunette bondage slave succumb to a fucking machine and...

Chunky Asian smiles at her bondage

Brunette endures bondage and pain

Make Him Sorry by Lakeview Entertainment features a man who is anything bu...

Dom ties up sub, pinches her nipples, and canes her

This is Mistress Beverley at her most sensual. A dominant woman with a bod...

Trapped and captured, she must submit

Femdom Angel gets her new slave Daisey tied up and feeling the pain

Wicked bondage for an unhappy blonde

Pain is the order of the day for a young woman in a dungeon.

When my slave is extra naughty I torture her tits and then give her a good...

Sublime bondage of big-titted blonde

Here we see a long-haired woman getting prepped for pain.

Blonde gets tied and whipped in a dungeon

Dish it out--whatever it is...whipping, candlewax, you name it--she can ta...

Bridgett continues to torture Madison

Biracial beauty is harnessed and strapped

The blonde in the dungeon is well aware of the perils and the pain that aw...

Blonde blindfolded and wrapped in plastic wrap--but with a mouthhole left...

What painful procedure will befall her next?

A blonde's burning question: "What's going to happen to me?" now that she'...

Helpless brunette vixen in bondage

She's bound up and at her captor's mercy, complete with a rope biting into...

Starr gets the full body pain workout

Big-boobed plumper MILF in ropes and a corset

Hooded, vinyl-clad, and chained, she is whipped and assaulted by her abuse...

Black beauty is bound and enjoying it

MILF mania as hot middle-aged mama faces her captor

Beautiful black gal is immobilized in rope

I really believe that the best tit torture sessions include leather and ch...

Bridgett forces sexy Star to endure humiliating torture before allowing pl...

Beautiful Blonde ties herself to chair to wait for you

While bound and helpless, she is fed a mouthful of cockmeat

Brunette enjoys being tied and tormented

Tied up outdoors with her big tits in bondage

Her stockings and corset are white, to match her ropes, and she's got suct...

Sluts get needled pushed through their nipples

Young black girl looks none too happy to be bound

Blonde bimbo is chained and helpless

How would YOU like to be tied up in such positions as these?

Come and watch the luscious Carmen Rivera as she sets her slaves cock up o...

Brunette MILF is tied ingeniously

Mixed-race young girl is tied up tight

Fetish slut Iris loves the pain as she is tightly restrained in the dungeo...

Biracial beauty is gagged and bound

Excellent rope bondage here

Young auburn beauty is shackled and gagged in the depths of the dungeon

Girl with pink hair is roped and restrained

I really enjoy binding my slaves in rope as part of their tit torture sess...

Older gal is bound and beaten

A MILF in bondage

Sad-looking redhead is roped to a bedpost

Innocent redhead gets bound

Big tit brunette is tied to the cellar steps

Check out the latest from Off Limits Media, Bizarre By Nature 11! Bringing...

Trim blonde succumbs to bondage

Young, innocent victim is tied tight

Tender young thing has hot wax dripped all up and down her sweet body

Mistress Opium Addictive Domination by Dom Promotions features the beautif...

Eris waivers between cruel pain and overwhelming pleasure

Strip-searched and abused by an officer of the law

A dour demeanor graces the face of this sub

Busty slut gets her tits and nipples abused

Tiny Asian girl gets plastic wrapped and mouth taped

Brunette sluts is bound and waits in terror

Caged MILF with clamped nipples

Dressed in vinyl and suspended among loads of balloons

Rose endures torture on the cheap with electricity and the medical chair

Daisy Duxe is chained up and brought to the brink of orgasm, only to be de...

Wake up Heather Silk, it's time for your orgasm! Chained to an interesting...

Big-boobed, hefty bad-ass mama is all roped up

Robbie wiggles on the hook while her sweet body is wracked with pain

She looks more like a teacher than a schoolgirl, but with those nipple cla...

Slender, slinky brunette in a cage

There is nothing quite like adding cupping to a tit torture session. It r...

Beautiful blonde chained in dungeon fears her captor

I recently discovered the joys of placing naughty slaves in a cage as part...

Hot Body blonde gets tied up

Bound breasts but a smile on her face

She misbehaved...and now she's gonna get it

Suspended upside-down, she smiles through her torment

I like to give my slave a good pussy whipping before her hardcore needle t...

Pain and bondage in a well-equipped dungeon.

Bridgett continues her torture of submissive slave Madison

Boyish young girl with close-cropped hair, wearing fishnet stockings, is s...

Redhead is strapped to a cross as punishment

Busty blonde babe submits to cruel captor

Blonde with round tits gagged and tied to cross

Leila screams for mercy in this hot torture gallery

Sexy Ebony Goldie endures mind bending nipple and pussy torture

Kali is cuffed and paddled and violated with the fuck machine

Redheaded Schoolgirl tied to a tree gets her nipples and pussy clamped

When my blonde slave is extra naughty I tie her to my machine of pain befo...

Terrified chubette is enslaved and ensnared

Busty blonde in blindfolded bondage

See the cat o'nine tails lash her as the clothespins bite!

Master Len places Serenity on his torture machine and forces her to orgasm...

Flame-haired beauty is trussed and tied tightly

Madison suffers crop pain before pleasure

Corporal Nicola has been a lazy soldier. She isn't in her military regulat...

Smiling plumper in bondage

She's all tied what?

Big-boobed babe is tied up and gagged inthe great outdoors

Young girl is blindfolded and tied to a rocking chair

Leashed, tied, and gagged blonde has her tits both clamped and mauled, and...

Young and pretty black submissive in bondage

The oriental girl in the black vinyl smiles as she shows off all the dunge...

This beauty's raven hair matches her vinyl clothing and her face mask. Her...

Master Len gives Nicole an intense tit torture session as punishment for h...

Young girl gets trussed up tightly

She's quite a sight to see: Hooded and bound up with lit strings of Christ...

She's all tied up with nowhere to go

Gagged and bound, she's at her master's pleasure

Red ropes galore bind a blonde

An Oriental miss is bound and tormented

Angelica is bound to a wooden cross

Blindfolded, bound tight, and totally helpless

Huge tits freak gets tied down

Red-wigged MILF undergoes tongue-torments and doggie-training

Bridgett makes sure Regina is wracked with pain before bringing her to ex...

Maria suffers a hard cropping and electrical torture before being rewarded

This blonde has her tits tied up most painfully!

Young girl in bondage has that scared rabbit look

A blonde gets a different kind of workout at the gym

When I am feeling a bit frisky I like to punish two slaves at one. Nothin...

Housewife sluts are tied up and abused

Check out the latest from Master Costello, Gnadenlos! Featuring the hottes...

Brunette is gagged and strung up

I greatly enjoy placing a mask over my slaves face before submitting her t...

Blonde beauty is abused and tormented

Honey-blonde is tied to a ladder

Blonde in vinyl happily shows off dungeon implements

This movie is Mistress Real's best work to date. Watch this superior Godde...

Young redhead in a dungeon displays the tools of her discipline

Dressed in shiny black leather, she displays her bonds...and her butt

Master Len gives his new slave her very first tit torture punishment sessi...

Leilas ass is quivering in pain after her intense paddling and machine fuc...

First Time Ball Busters by Purple Starfish Entertainment features Sasha Gr...

Dom displays his instruments of torture and then uses them on helpless gir...

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