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She explained on about some sort of packages they had to offer. A traditional being a basic, a role reversal; where you massage each other; and a happy ending; of course we all know what happens then. There was no way I was turning any of that down. "I'll take all three!" I decided. She motioned at someone to enter the room. A beautiful girl with sexy body came in. "Here is your masseuse!" The receptionist said as she motioned to the woman. I found myself briefly fantasizing both women working my cock. "Hi, I'm Amber." She introduced herself. "Enjoy!" The receptionist said as she walked out.The hot masseuse handed me a towel and instructed me to strip down to wear it. After I'd grabbed it she just stood there staring at my crotch. I felt a little shy and inquired, "Isn't there like a screen or another room I could go into..?" "Ohh!! I won't look!" She said as she turned away. As she faced the wall, I peeled off my shirt and jeans wrapping the towel tightly around my waist. 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Nadia said.I laughed and said, "Oh right, like I can afford to pay anyone. I'm a freaking college student." Nadia smirked, "Well... we can always pay him in another way..." I kind of knew where she was going with this, and I was wary about the idea, but I really wanted to go out, so I was willing to do anything to get this homework bullshit out of the way. so I caved. "Okay, let's call him." Surprisingly, Nadia had him on speed dial. As she invited him over for our little 'tutoring' session, I was under the assumption that she kind of had a crush on him. This wasn't the first time she'd brought him up during past conversations. I guess she's a sucker for brainy guys and English accents. Anyway, she'd got off the phone and told me he was on his way. Nick must have been really eager to get here because it took no time at all for him to arrive at our front door. As he entered the living room, he looked really happy to see us.Nadia led him over to the couch to sit in between us. "Okay so, where's the homework?" He innocently asked. We quickly changed the subject, not wanting to let him know yet that we actually wanted him to do it all for us. Nadia's seductive flirtation skills proved to be just the thing to get his mind off the homework for a while. She engaged Nick in a little chit chat, planting the seed of lust into his mind. "You know... you're looking really sexy in this shirt..." She said to him as she traced her finger down his stomach." "Am I, then?" Nick asked. "Mmm Hmm... but, I think we should take it off..." I told him to go ahead and stand up so we could peel it off of him. "Well then, I suppose there are advantages to being a nerd!" He contentedly stated. Nadia continued on telling him while he had a excellent grades in Algebra, she in fact had excellent grades in another class. "Why don't you show him what class that is."I coyly urged her as she ran her hands all over his chest. 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As soon as one stopped another would start! At first they were just saying things like "Hey, piggy piggy!" which of course, I'm used to, but the longer I ignored them the more they seemed to think I didn't want to see their goods.... They accused me of being a gay bitch and that was the last straw, I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I went over to see what they were so eager to show me.... What a mistake that was! Before I even knew what hit me, those streetwalkers distracted me with a bare bubble butt and the next thing I knew they had me handcuffed to the cell! Convinced I was a fairy and thrilled at their chance to humiliate a cop, they tore my uniform off and promptly began to slap, pinch, and poke me, but once they ridiculed the size of my cock I was done playing around! I convinced them to give me the chance to prove to them that not only do I have a cock big enough to make most women's eyes pop at first sight, I'm not a fruitcake! I grabbed my piece and began to stroke it hard. The harder I got and the bigger it grew the quieter and nicer they became... True cock worshippers. Their taunting turned into titillating teasing. Layers started to shed off of them, they were spitting on my dick, and at one point portions of the cell bars entirely disappeared between their luscious ripe ass cheeks!! As hookers I guess they have a natural tendency to make sure they never leave a prick unsprung so they got down on their knees and went to town. I had three pros going to town on my man meat, spitting, stroking, sucking, jerking, twisting, massaging.... I blew my load hard which proved to them that I wasn't a faggot but it certainly made me feel like one when they ran passed my naked handcuffed ass, out the door to freedom. This dirty ol' peeping tom gets what he deserved as these three dominant females humiliate him by pulling off his clothes and then pushing their six inch high heels into his face and cock! 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